Butternut Squash: baby food round 1

Now that Katelyn is 6 months old we got the go ahead to start introducing her to real food! My husband and I were both really excited for the new adventure. I decided that I wanted to try and make her food, instead of buying it. Reason one, so I know what is in her food that she is eating and two, it will save us a bunch of money.

Our first round was yesterday and we started with Butternut Squash, it was peeled and cubed, then I steamed it until tender and dumped into the blender. I just purchased the blender/food processor combo at Costco so I wasn't really sure if I should use the blender or processor. I ended up dumping the squash into the processor half way through and it pureed the food a lot better. It didn't take long and it was surprisingly pretty easy.

Since she is just starting out and only eating about a tablespoon at each sitting, I thought I would freeze half of it. It made quite a bit. Then I divided the remaining squash into single serving containers for the week.

It was a lot of fun watching her try something new, she took the first few bites right away and seemed to like it. After a few bites she had enough and kept making a face, as if to say that she wasn't quite sure what she thought about it.

Now we will wait and see if there are any reactions, so far one #2 diaper down and it wasn't too bad. Thankfully!

Today we tried the squash again and she liked it, finished the whole serving. So on the menu for dinner tonight is pork chops and salad for us, butternut squash with a side of bottle for Katelyn.

Hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend, I know I did. Back to reality tomorrow.

~ Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Good for you! I wish I had thought of the blender-- Duh. The poo doesn't really get gross until you add meat. It's a challenge.