Canvas Crafting

So it seems I have a few obsessions lately, Pinterest, Polyvore, party planning, among many others I can now add fabrics to the list. I have no idea how to sew anything, for example if my husband needs his pants mended it takes like a year, if I need something hemmed or sewn for a project I run to dear old mommy. The only thing I can manage to do is sew a button back on a shirt. So I have never really had any reason to be into fabrics, much until now! So my new obsession started all because I wanted some art work for our bedroom. I got this great idea to buy canvas and paint, well apparently I forgot one minor detail that I could not paint. Well I guess I could if I just wanted splatter marks or smears! Anywho, I thought why not wrap them in fabric! Now I know this isn't a new concept but I was pretty excited that I for once had actually remembered a terrific craft idea that I found online. So off to the fabric store I went. I found some beautiful fabrics and had such a hard time picking but finally chose three that I thought would look great in our room. Since I was taking too long in the process Miss K was getting very impatient with me so we picked out a fabric for her room too. I purchased half a yard of each and wrapped each canvas with the fabric, stapled all around the back edges and walla! Instant art!
Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process but here are the afters.

 Katelyn's Room Piece

I also took some of the remnant pieces and made rosettes and flowers. I used a glue gun to keep the rosette and flowers together as well as adhering them to the canvas.
I have a "K" block letter for decoration, so I laid that out onto paper, traced it and once I cut it out I had my very own stencil. I used the stencil to sponge the paint onto the fabrics. Not only could I use it in Katelyn's room, but in our room as well to represent our last name.

These three prints are for our room bedroom. I plan to hang all three above our bed with the "K" initial piece in the middle. My next fabric craft is curtains for our master bathroom, of course that requires a trip to mom's so I will post that when they are complete! I must really learn this sewing thing!

Enjoy this last day to the weekend, hoping the sun comes out to play. I have a busy day, lunch with the family and then to one of my dearest friends for her daughters first birthday party.

~ Have a great day


  1. darling! love your choice of fabrics. thanks for linking : )

  2. Those are beautiful. If you get a chance I would love you to link your canvases up to More the Merrier Monday. It lasts through Wednesday so you have plenty of time to stop by. See you there.

  3. Looks good. Waiting to see the final picture.

    We have a link-up party going on - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. I would really appreciate if you'd link up some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see you at the party.

  4. These are so cute!! I love canvas crafts! Thanks for sharing!! xo, Reannah