Summer Inspired: Chevron Burlap Wreath

 I am a little obsessed with burlap right now, can't seem to get enough of it. So it is only fitting that my summer wreath be made from burlap too, add a little chevron print and I am in craft heaven!


~ Foam wreath form
~ Burlap garland
~ Decorative ribbon
~ Felt
~ Hot glue gun

I started with a round foam wreath form Michaels and wrapped the burlap garland around the form. To start I gathered the burlap as shown below:

 I hot glued this section to the wreath form. I then started wrapping the burlap around the foam (as shown below), don't try to be too perfect you want it to have a little character.

Once you get back to the starting point on your wreath take the end section and hot glue to the back side of your wreath. The finished product should look something like this: 

I found some adorable chevron patterned burlap ribbon at Walmart in salmon & teal, I thought it would be perfect to add, great summer time colors. 

I started wrapping the salmon burlap around the wreath, just enough to add some color, you don't want to completely wrap it. For this step you could use any decorative ribbon that you would like. Play with colors, prints, have fun with it. 

I next made a bow out of the teal burlap. Now this part wasn't as easy for me, I am not the best at making bows. I gathered the ribbon and made two loops for one side of the bow then another two loops for the other side of the bow. I pitched the center and tied all together with a tan pipe cleaner. Twist it tight to ensure it will not come apart. I then took a small piece of the ribbon and wrapped around the center and hot glued it in the back to set in place. Here is a video that may help with making bows, the wired ribbon is harder to work with so I wasn't able to fluff it up like in the video, you will get the idea though.

I also made three small felt flowers to add to the wreath for a little extra visual interest. To make these felt flowers I followed a tutorial on Little Things Bring Smiles. These were super easy to make and turned out pretty cute. Once they were complete I hot glued them to the wreath.

Here is the finished product, I think it turned out really cute and love that it will add a bright cheerfulness to my front porch!

~ Chevron Burlap Wired Ribbon - both the teal & salmon available at Walmart
~ Burlap Garland - Michaels
~ Felt & Wreath form - Michaels

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  1. Cute wreath. I made a burlap Easter wreath and they are fun and simple to make. I am getting ready to do another one for 4th of July. I like your chevron ribbon.

    1. Thank you Kimberlee! They are fun to make and I couldn't resist the chevron!

  2. This is beautiful! I made a fall wreath with fabric, but haven't tried burlap yet. Definitely pinning it for the future.

    1. Thanks Bridget! I love burlap right now, would love to see a fall inspired one since Fall is my favorite season.

  3. So pretty and fresh for summer! Great job, Toni! It looks lovely!

  4. Super cute wreath! The bow is my favorite! ;)

    ~ Ashley