Pop Fizz Clink - Bridal Luncheon

I had the complete honor of hosting my sister-in-laws bridal luncheon this past weekend. She had asked me to assist with wedding plans and for the past couple months we have been working on bringing her wedding ideas to life. While out shopping for her wedding dress, the topic of a bridal shower came up, and if you can believe it, she really didn't want one. For this party loving lady, that was just nonsense! So after chatting I came to realize she didn't want the traditional shower, she just wanted to get together with her closest friends & family and drink some champagne. So that is what we did! 

I found the perfect invitations on Etsy to set the theme, Pop Fizz Clink! I went with a color palette of black and white with pops of gold and mint. It turned out very classy and exactly the look I was hoping for.

The brides dear friend offered to have the event held at her home, since she lives much closer than I do. She was so sweet to let us take over her home, and I certainly did take over! 

The bride requested not to have the traditional shower games. So to give guests something fun to contribute, I found these great advice and well wishes cards from Confetti Daydreams. Each guest could fill out there card with something funny, romantic, sincere, whatever they wanted. I think it was fun for people to come up with clever ideas and hopefully something for the bride & groom to enjoy later.

Pinterest provided me with several ideas for how to creatively detail the love story of the bride & groom. 

Both the bride & groom have lived on their own for several years so in lieu of traditional gifts, we suggested that if guests would like to bring a gift, to bring a bottle of their favorite wine or bubbly! This was a fun way for guests to pick out something they enjoy and share that with the bride. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the bride & grooms wine cabinet is now full!

No bridal luncheon is complete without a champagne cocktail bar, you can get this adorable printable for free from Eleven Magnolia Lane. This bar setup was certainly a favorite among guests, I know I enjoyed it! 

I found some delicious juice made from Welch's, Refreshingly Simple Peach-Mango and Strawberry-Raspberry. Served with guests choice of white wine or champagne and topped with strawberries, peaches or raspberries. Add a fun stripey straw from Tomkat Studio, and you have yourself the perfect cocktail!

I love to style a party and can handle so many of the details, but shhh....food is not my favorite detail. My mother-in-law was so sweet to help with all of the food.  She was such a blessing the morning of the party, doing all of the food prep so I could work on styling. 

Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting, so yummy! The chocolate covered strawberries were done by the brides dear friend and they turned out fantastic. 

For non-alcoholic beverage options we served lemonade with mint leaves and lemon water. 

For the flower arrangements I purchased a few bouquets from a local grocer and split them up to make multiple smaller bouquets. They added the perfect pop of color throughout the tablescapes.

As a thank you, each guest was given a small bottle of wine, tied with an adorable "thank you" tag from Tomkat Studio, to take home. We offered a couple different options of both red and white wines for guests to choose from. 

I truly had such a wonderful time planning this event, I know the bride enjoyed herself and really felt the love from her friends and family. Just what I was hoping for! Congratulations my dear, you deserve the best! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event so lovely.


Party Styling and Floral Arrangements by AK Party Studio


  1. Great party and gorgeous as always!

  2. It is really great dear!! I also hosted my bachelor party just a month ago. I got help from professional and best local planner. Actually I had hired him for wedding but he offered to arrange bachelor party for free at wedding venues Chicago. Isn’t that cool?