Rice Krispie Sandwich Treats

For the past few years for Easter we have hosted brunch at our home and one favorite staple that is always a favorite among my family is rice krispie treats. Last year we made rice krispie eggs and this year I decided to make rice krispie sandwiches. I got this idea from Kim at Celebration Shoppe, she had made a cake from rice krispies and although it looked yummy I wanted something easier for people to grab and snack on while we hunted for eggs outside.

So I made rice krispie treat sandwiches!

Follow the usual recipe to make rice krispie treats. I used a greased large cookie sheet to make a thinner layer of rice krispies. Once cooled use whatever shape cookie cutter you would like, I used an egg shape.

  • Cut out shapes 
  • Take one cut out and layer with marshmallow fluff
  • Add another cut out shape on top
  • Add one more dollop of marshmallow fluff to the top
  • Top with chocolate candy of your choice
  • Devour
These were a hit, the marshmallow fluff added an extra creaminess and the little chocolate piece finished them off perfectly! Kind of wish I had one now.



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