A Pop of Color...

I recently took a trip to Target in search of something to brighten my dining and living room. I saw this lampshade and fell in love with the pop of color and the design. However, I don't need lampshades nor do I even have lamps to put them on!

So I continued my search throughout the store to find something that would catch my eye. Then I found it...
Just so happens this beautiful design comes in so many things, napkins, tablecloths, place mats, etc... So I bought some napkins I just couldn't resist and I absolutely LOVE them!

I went home immediately and put them out on the table. I mixed mine with green napkins and it ties my dining room together a bit more. One room down and I still wanted something for the living room. I got to thinking why not use one of the products in this design to make pillow cases. I laid one of the napkins out and it just so happened to fit perfectly with a size pillow I already had. Sold! I went back to Target picked up one more set of napkins (sold in a pack of 4 for $9.99) sewed two napkins together and stuffed the pillow I already had inside.

Now I have two custom covered pillows for only $9.99 and I absolutely love them. They tie in great with my curtains and still add that pop of color I was looking for in the living room.


  1. Hey thanks Elisabeth, I just love this design and you should totally copy what an easy and cheap way to reuse pillows you already have.