An old sign is given new life

I have had this sign sitting around for the last couple of years. At one point it had a beautiful saying about "Gratitude" however the original paper was starting to peel away and it didn't look so beautiful anymore. I couldn't bare to just toss it out so I saved it knowing at some point I would re-use it.
I came home early on Friday and by a miracle I had nothing to do, no baby, no chores and it was beautiful outside, so I started working away on this project.

I forgot to take a before photo, here is part way through sanding and scrubbing.
I took a damp scotch pad sponge and started scrubbing away, using sandpaper in the areas that had a little more glue. I didn't worry about taking all of the paint off since I knew I could primer over it.

After sanding complete, next up primer.

Priming complete.
After the primer dried I sprayed a few coats of Heirloom White and let dry before the final detail was added. A few weeks back I made a trip to the dollar store and came across a few vinyl phrases for... you guessed it $1! How can you go wrong? So I purchased the one below and thought I would add it on a wall somewhere in the house. 

Well it just so happens that it fits perfectly on this board. So I found it a new home and only spent $1 everything else I had on hand. I plan to hang it above the gallery wall I am working on. So stay tuned for when that becomes complete, hopefully not too long. 

  Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend, I hope ya'll get to craft a little like I did!

~ Toni