Welcome to Adulthood...

Yes I know, I have been an adult for some time now, but turning 30 meant that I was "Really" an adult now. No free passes anymore for being young and naive to the world, yup you've hit the big time or the BIG ONE! Seriously though, 30 wasn't nearly as bad as I had heard or thought it may be. I have always loved my birthday and quite honestly this one was no different, except for one thing. I actually had a birthday party! I haven't had a birthday party since I was a kid, so the hubby and I decided to throw me a grand ol' 30th and I really had a great time. I had a ton of fun planning and prepping, as usual when it comes to parties. I was able to celebrate with a few of my closest friends and it really was great experience. One thing I learned... I will always be one BIG kid when it comes to birthdays. Here are some pics from the event, I was bummed at the end of the night when I realized the camera never came back out to take photos of my guests, the memories will have to do.
 Banner made by me
 Cupcakes & toppers made by me ~ "30" candle purchased at Party City
 Celebrate the Kid Inside ~ Oreo Bar!
I had about 8 different kinds of Oreos mixed between the containers, I loved it!
Close up of the deliciousness!
 Straws ordered from The TomKat Studio Shop;
Guests were welcomed with balloons galore
Thank you for all who came to celebrate with me, it meant so much.

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