Country Girl Bedroom for a Little Lady

Now that my daughter is three and showing a little more of her own personality I figured it was time to start adding a few new touches to her room to bring it out of the "Baby" stage and into the "Little Lady" stage.


She really likes horses, I found this adorable horse print sheet set at Target and my mom found the perfect pillow for her bed. For her bedspread I wanted something nuetral yet interesting to the eye and something to grow into as she gets older, when her love changes from horses to zebras to peace signs or flower power, or whatever it may be! I found this quilt at TJMaxx for $39 and since they are usually pretty expensive I snagged this one up, nuetral greyish/brown tone and an interesting pattern, Momma was happy! The pink pom-poms hanging above her bed I actually made for her 1st birthday and they have been hanging there ever since. They really tie this corner of her room together and adds some visual interest.

In order to use some of the items that were already in her room I went with a pink/teal/seafoam green color scheme. Sometime this summer I am hoping to paint the walls to add a little more light into the room, maybe a soft teal/blue, soft pink, any ideas???

My latest craft project is hanging above her bed and I think it fits a Little Lady Country Girl theme nicely. See that project here.


  1. This is perfection. Great job Toni. Looks like a professional designer did it!!

    1. Ah, Elisabeth, you are too sweet. Thank you my dear.