Ambitious...Backyard Retreat

We have spent a large portion of our time and money this summer working on the back yard, and when I say we I really just mean my husband. With two little's under the age of 4, I am pretty busy keeping them occupied and out of trouble. My husband has done a crazy amount of work this year on our yard and I couldn't be more happy with the results. We still have a few more things to do, but we are definitely getting closer to being complete.

We had our home built in 2010, being on 5 acres we have had a lot of landscaping to do which equates to, a large never ending expense. For the first couple of years we didn't do too much, we had moved in when I was pregnant with our first child and quite honestly didn't have the time, money or ambition to begin such a large task of landscaping. The following year we widen the driveway and put in a culvert, started our tiered rock wall and added some gardens up front. So progress was made.

This year we jumped all in and decided to start on the back yard, this was a very ambitious project and one that doesn't seem to be ending. Well it will, just doesn't always feel that way at times.

So we started with getting our patio finally poured, no more dust!!! Woohoo!! Next came laying the sod, huge job; thanks to my father-in-law and neighbor who helped out a ton on this one. The hubby worked so hard, his determination was amazing.

We are very lucky to have a great neighbor who is very experienced in landscaping and assisted us with the rock stairs and placement rocks throughout the yard. We ordered a ton of ground cover plants to be put all over the tiered hills and added a few extra plants around the edges of the newly planted grass. This backyard has come a long way!

Next for the backyard project is to re-plank the deck with some gorgeous Tiger wood, add exposed aggregate curbing and then complete the fire pit area. Lots more work to come but we are almost there!


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