Apple Harvest Favorite Things Party

My most favorite party to plan and host
is definitely a Favorite Things Party! This year's Favorite Things was based on my favorite season, fall! The color palette was warm browns, reds and greens with a pop of blue. I love mixing different textures, patterns and elements into any theme decor. I don't like to make anything too complex and over the top. I want the event and my guests to feel special, but also at home and comfortable. Simple, meaningful and beautiful.

I came across this party trend back in 2012, I found this adorable "Brown Paper Packages" favorite things party by Destiny of Just Destiny and knew I had to host one myself. Later that year I began hosting mini versions of these parties with a small group of ladies in hopes of getting to know them better. It really was fun, this theme really is inspired by Oprah's famous favorite things episodes. Over the years bloggers, party goers and planners have put their own spin on this theme and created a fun event that everyone enjoys. Years later, I still enjoy hosting this party with my girlfriends and treating them to a fun night out, but in! 

I found this darling fall favorites print at Clean & Scentsible, and the best part it is totally free, so head there to get your copy. 

As soon as guests arrive greet them with a delicious drink, I created a seasonal twist on the moscow mule. Apple cider mixed with ginger beer, vodka, had the option for guests to cfor this event I went with a seasonal moscow mule

With the holidays fast approaching I thought it may be best to keep the budget on this one smaller. Although it's always awesome to get new goodies, the joy of this party is getting to see my girlfriends. So the budget was set at $5-10 for each favorite thing, the guests had to pick two favorite things and bring 3 each of that favorite thing. So total spent wouldn't be more than $60. I have had all different budget amounts for this party, it really is up to you. You could up the budget and only have one favorite thing, it's really up to you. 

Every item is unwrapped and set out for viewing by all the guests. You can learn about new products and items you have never even heard of or seen before! 

Now comes the fun part, after everyone has mingled a bit you can go shopping! I have seen this part be handled multiple ways. You can draw numbers, play a game to determine who gets to go first. I usually have a free for all! So I told everyone they get to pick 3 items, and GO! Some run, others sit back and just wait. Either way, it's fun and you get to see what was the hot item, because it's usually gone in a flash! 

It's fun to see the different things your friends will bring, there is always that one item that everyone loves and ends up buying because they did get it at the party! 

After the first round of shopping we eat, and then eat some more! I had an array of appetizers and sweet treats. 

Homemade apple cinnamon roll was the best, wasn't the easiest to make, but sure was good! Top that with a side of apple cider donuts and you've got fall in a bite. 

We wrapped up with the last round of shopping, another drink and some laughs. As a thank you, each guest was given a mini pumpkin, they are the perfect favor during the fall season.

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