Monster Truck Birthday Party

We are coming up on my sons 7th birthday!!
What?? How did this happen, I mean really, how is my youngest already 7? I can hardly believe it, and I really can't believe I haven't shared his party from his last birthday, #momlifereality right there!

When my son was younger I thought it was so difficult to plan cute boy parties, and usually favored planning my daughters. It came a little more natural at first, and there were so many sweet girly details I just loved planning. Fast forward and I am LOVING planning my sons birthdays. I find I don't stress out about it nearly as much, I can focus in on just one plan and go with it.

For his 6th birthday he wanted a Monster Truck party. We had just seen Monster Jam a couple months before, so naturally it stuck in his memory.

When I went searching for an invite I didn't find anything that jumped out at me, so I ended up creating my own. I kept it pretty simple with mud tire tracks, monster truck and all the necessary details.

Decorations were simple, yet fun. The backdrop for the cake table was monster truck wrapping paper and a large 6 balloon. I took a few trucks my son's toy stash and placed them around the party space. 

I found the most darling monster tire truck drinking cup at Oriental Trading. They come plain, so I added asticker to the front. The kids enjoyed these at the party and they made great take home gifts as well.

With the party being held after lunch, food was kept to snacks that the kids could easily grab.

I have learned that with parties it is best for me to stick to decorating and planning and leave the baking to someone else. I purchased a plan frosted cake from a local grocery store, ran tire tracks all around the outside, sprinkled cookie crumbs on top and stack a few mini chocolate donuts. The monster truck was the finishing touch as it climbed the pile.

The kids were kept entertained with monster trucks you could paint or add stickers to. I had a personalized activity placemat with coloring and games.

We also played pin the tire on the monster truck. The drawing may look like a first grader did, but that was all me! Haha. I wanted to order a game from online, but didn't have the time for shipping. I chose to make do with what I had, and grabbed some poster board. Turns out the kids didn't care either way. 

After pin the truck tire, we went outside and played whack the monster truck and see how fast you can run to get all the free candy. Still snow on the ground, we didn't stay outside long. Brr...

Everyone got to take their painted truck, tire cup and a little goody bag home. Inside the goody bags were a minature monster truck eraser and a yummy monster cookies. 

Photography & Styling: AK Party Studio
Erasers: Target
Plates, Stickers, Tire Cups: Oriental Trading

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